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Central Christian Church currently has two musical groups that provide special music throughout the year: the Chancel Bells and the Alleluia Choir. Each group consists of members spanning a variety of musical gifts and talent, yet they all have one thing in common: making a joyful noise in celebration of God through the gift of music.

Since the church's inception, music has been a staple in our worship. A music director and organist were among the first staff members hired at Central upon its founding, and throughout the years, a rich history of performance and song has enhanced the church's mission and inspired those who have entered our doors. Our music styles span a wide range of traditional and contemporary hymns, yet their mission remains the same: to enhance the message of our ministers, gain a better understanding of the Holy Scriptures, and worship God through song. Whether you are a vocalist, an instrumentalist, or if you just enjoy sitting amongst the congregation and singing the hymns, there is always a place for everyone who wishes to be a part of our song.

Alleluia Choir

The Alleluia Choir sings for the church's annual Christmas and Easter cantatas and provides music for worship services three times per month during the academic year, with occasional summer activities taking place between June and August. The choir’s musical selections span from the early Renaissance through the modern era, and the works of André Thomas, Elaine Hagenberg, Dan Forrest, Mary McDonald, Victor Johnson and many more can be heard echoing throughout the sanctuary. In its history, the Alleluia Choir has sung cantatas and collections such as Allen Pote's "At the Ninth Hour" and Joseph Martin's "Festival of Carols," and regularly sings two, three and four part music during the year.

Chancel Bells

The Handbells (also known as the Chancel Bells) perform a wide selection of music from composers such as Cathy Moklebust, Tammy Waldrop, Dean H. Wagner, Kevin McChesney, and others. Whether it's ringing, playing martellato, with mallets or more, the handbells employ a variety of techniques in their repertoire to create unique, meaningful sounds in their music; occasionally, this means pairing up with the Alleluia Choir to perform larger works, and their rings can be heard echoing throughout the sanctuary almost weekly. In addition to playing for the church's annual Christmas and Easter cantatas, they provide music for worship services every four to six weeks during the academic year.

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